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Skull Sketches


Inspiring Impactful Change

 Essential Diversity Productions


 Welcome to an evening of Industrial music at Bully's punctuated by aggressive sounds and bright lights. With three different acts pounding industrial techno thrash, industrial pop, and electro-industrial, there's something for everyone to enjoy. Dress up as your favorite or your own made up character and party with awesome talent. While this is a place of love, mosh pits may happen. If someone crashes into you, give them a hug and push them back in! If you see someone dancing weird, compliment them and carry on with your evening or join them! This is an LGBTQ and minority safe space, anyone who displays acts of hate, abuse, or harassment will be removed from the event and banned from all future events. Let's keep each other safe and alive, if you're doing drugs please tell your friends so they can help you if something goes wrong.

No events at the moment
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